Mac_32Linux_32 How to make a Rails Rumble app

This is a list of what I used to create this application.

  1. Use Haml and Sass (with Compass)

    I really, really like sass. I've been using it for a while now, but this was my first real project using haml.

    Compass is fantastic. I extensively used some of the utilities and the 960-gs plugin as well.

  2. Authlogic with OpenID and role-based authorization with acl9
  3. Thinking Sphinx

    Thinking sphinx made dynamic and powerful searching really easy.

  4. Paperclip, will_paginate, and other usual suspects
  5. Disqus Commenting system

    This was so easy that I forgot to mention that I used it when I created this post.

    Very easy to implement, with great features.

  6. On to Javascript: jQuery

    There's a lot of Javascript going on here. Most of the heavy lifting was done by the following very useful libraries:


August 24, 2009
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