Mac_32 How to take a screenshot

You can easily take screenshots from your mac without installing any additional software.

When you take a screenshot, a file called "Picture 1" will appear on your desktop.

There are a few options that you can use, depending on what kind of screenshot you want to take.

  1. The Entire Screen:

    Hold down the Command and Shift Keys, and while still holding them, press the number 3.

  2. A selection of the screen:

    It's just like the previous step, but replace 3 with 4.

    The cursor will change into a set of crosshairs. Simply select the area you would like to take a screenshot of, and release the mouse.

    If you would like to cancel the screenshot, press escape before making your selection.

  3. A single window:

    To get a screenshot of a full window, follow the step above, but instead of selecting an area with the mouse, press the space bar. The cursor will turn into a camera icon, and the window underneath will have a light blue overlay. Click to capture the window, or press space again to change selection modes.

  4. Extra credit: Copy to your clipboard

    You can modify any of the previous commands to put the screenshot in your clipboard (so you can paste it) instead of a file. Just perform the same instructions, but add the Control button. So you will hold Command-Control-Shift and the number.

  5. Extra credit: Timed screenshots, and recording the mouse

    If you need to do something more advanced, you can use a built in utility called "Grab," located it /Applications/Utilities. Grab gives you some additional options like waiting 10 seconds before performing the screenshot.

August 26, 2009
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